Ilya mikheyev

ilya mikheyev

Ilya Mikheyev is a russian professional ice hockey right winger for the toronto maple leafs of the national hockey league(NHL)

Hayley williams

hayley williams

Hayley played in the NWHL 2015-2016 season. then 2 seasons,2016-2018,in the CWHL (Canada) and then 2seasons,2018-2020,in the RWHL(Russia) and now in the ewhl(European women”s hockey league).

Dmitry osipov

dmitry osipov

Dmitry Osipov played in three leagues over the course of his career.Western hockey league、American hockey league、ECHL

Max Thompson

Max Thompson


Nickel city sons AA U11



Favourite player:Connor Mcdavid

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  • Cynthia Johnson

    Used to measure speed of tennis serves and bowling in cricket so far. 

  • Chris

    kids have been using it for about a month now and love it.

  • Jackson James

    For identical swings seems to give different results So I take an average.

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    Perfect ! Very fast delivery! My son loves it

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    Fast delivery.Nice customer service!

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    Very durable. Son loves playing with it and stickhandling.