Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer
Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer
Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer
Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer
Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer
Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer
Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer
Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer
Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer
Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer
Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer
Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer
Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer

Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer

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Elevate Your Stickhandling Skills with a Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer!

Introducing the Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer, the ultimate hockey training tool for hockey players worldwide, helping them unlock their full potential through digital training techniques!

Elevate your game and master stickhandling skills like never before with our innovative training device. Designed to enhance your puck control, reaction times, and overall stickhandling abilities, this revolutionary product offers real-time feedback and endless challenges.

Trusted by NHL players, coaches, and thousands of young athletes worldwide, the Potent Stickhandling Trainer is suitable for players of any age or skill level.

Train Different Styles with Ease:

1. Unlock your potential on the ice by practicing various moves with the Potent Stickhandling Trainer. Whether you're perfecting your attacking or defensive skills, this versatile tool allows you to train different styles of play, helping you become a well-rounded player.

✅ Real-Time Feedback:

2. Experience instant feedback on your stickhandling performance with the Potent Stickhandling Trainer. Equipped with a digital scoreboard and countdown timer, you can track your progress and witness improvement session by session. Stay motivated and see your skills soar.

✅ Improve Reaction Times:

3. Sharpen your mental agility and make split-second adjustments on the ice with the Potent Stickhandling Trainer. By practicing with its unpredictable patterns of rotating lights, you'll enhance your reaction times, allowing you to think fast and stay one step ahead of the competition.

✅ Battle and Challenge:

4. Engage in friendly battles with friends, teammates, or even virtual opponents using the Potent Stickhandling Trainer. Work on your speed, timing, and skills at your convenience, either individually or in a competitive setting. Push yourself to new heights and see who can achieve the highest score.


Top 5 Benefits of Using a Digital Stickhandling Trainer:

1. Interactive Digital Training: Enhance your puck control, stickhandling, and reaction time in a single training session. Our patented digital training system, provides real-time feedback, helping you refine your technique and improve your performance on the ice

2. Endless Challenge: The random pattern of lights keeps you engaged, ensuring that you consistently work hard to beat your own scores and continuously improve your stickhandling abilities. From beginner to advanced players, our trainer offers a range of customizable training modes to suit your skill level and goals. From basic stickhandling drills to advanced challenges, this device will push you to reach new heights in your game.

3. Portable and Easy to Use - Designed with convenience in mind, our stickhandling trainer is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for on-the-go training. Set it up anywhere – at home, in the locker room, or even at the rink – and take your skills to the next level.

4. Durable and High-Quality Construction - Built to withstand intense training sessions, our stickhandling trainer is made from premium materials that ensure durability and longevity. Invest in a training tool that will support your journey towards becoming a top-notch hockey player.

5. Enhanced Muscle Memory: Consistent practice with our Digital Stickhandling Trainer develops muscle memory for specific moves, making them more natural and automatic during actual gameplay situations. Thereby, increasing your confidence on the ice. 

Three Practice Modes:

The Potent Stickhandling Trainer offers three practice modes for versatile training:

1. Puck Control Mode: Improve your puck control by maneuvering the puck through a set of rotating lights. Develop wrist control and enhance your overall stickhandling skills.

2. Battle Mode: Compete against opponents to score more points within a specified time. This mode hones your speed, timing, and reaction skills, translating into in-game success.

3. Team Mode: Engage in battles with a partner or team


Follow these steps to make the most of your Potent Stickhandling Trainer:

1. Power On and Select the Speed: Adjust the difficulty level by selecting the speed on the controller. Choose between P1 mode (lights change every 5 seconds) or P2 mode (lights change every 2 seconds).

2. The Game Starts: Five randomly lit targets will appear. Pass the sensor puck/ball under each target to score points. Each round lasts for 45 seconds.

3. Play and Beat Your Score: Strive to surpass your own score with each practice session. Challenge friends or teammates to compete against your speed and accuracy.



It can help improve your puck control, speed, timing, and coordination, all while challenging the mind at the same time. That is why 100+ NHL players use it, thousands of young hockey players, and coaches all around the world!

The perfect training tool for hockey players who want to take their game to the next level. It is portable and easy to use, so that you can train anytime! Plus, you'll be able to customize your training sessions and track your progress over time. So, if you seriously want to improve your stickhandling abilities then look no further.

The Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer gives you instant feedback, an on-going challenge, and helps you keep your game sharp in the offseason. Practice Anywhere, Anytime, On or Off the Ice.

If you are a hockey player, the answer is simple: Get your own Potent Digital Stickhandling Trainer today!

Technical Details
Item Package Dimensions: LxWxH 16 x 7 x 4 inches
Package Weight: 4 lbs
Batteries: 1 Lithium polymer battery required. (included)
Manufacturer: Potent Hockey

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Great tool!

This is a fun and challenging tool to help with puck control and coordination. I would like to send a shootout to the Potent customer service. They were very efficient and showing much integrity with providing a quality product. Thank you!

Nicole Doan
This helps with stick handling - age 12

I like that you can change the shape of it. I like that it’s a challenge and how it keeps track of how many times you go under the arms. I use the ball more than the puck because I use it in my basement. I just wish the sensor on the arm was bigger so it doesn’t have to go right under the sensor.

Jaclyn Parrott

This is the best hockey trainer I have ever purchased! I've never even played hockey and I love playing with this trainer. Our whole family enjoys trying to beat our score. I highly recommend this trainer!

Nathan Breedyk

My kids love the stickhandling trainer. They’re on it all the time. Thank you very much.

Jean-Francois Bessette
Great Product

Product arrived on time and ready to go. No assembly required and is very simple to use.

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