Product FAQ's - Skate-able Synthetic Ice Tiles

Skate-able Synthetic Ice Tiles

Potent Hockey Skate-able Synthetic Ice Tiles – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are Potent Hockey synthetic ice tiles made of?

Our synthetic ice tile is expertly crafted from premium-grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) plastics. These materials ensure exceptional durability. To enhance performance, we've infused a lubricant/slip agent into the plastics. This infusion reduces friction, facilitating smoother skating experiences on our ice tiles.


What is the size and thickness of synthetic ice tiles, and can they be customized?

Our premium skate-able synthetic ice tiles come in a generous size of 18”x18” for each tile, boasting a thickness of 7/16 inch. They are conveniently available in packs of 10 tiles. The beauty lies in the customization; effortlessly create your own personalized rink, tailored perfectly to fit the space you have in mind. Your training setup, your rules.

What is the lifespan of Potent Hockey synthetic ice tiles?

Potent Hockey skate-able synthetic ice tiles last 4-5 years on an average use.


How do I install Potent Hockey synthetic ice tiles?

Installing your synthetic ice rink is a breeze – simply connect the interlocking tiles on a flat, level surface, and you're ready to glide.


How do I clean and maintain synthetic ice to ensure optimal performance?

Cleaning Frequency: Regularly remove debris and dirt using a broom, vacuum, or squeegee. Vacuuming once every 1-2 weeks is recommended for routine maintenance.

Deep Cleaning: Periodically perform a deep cleaning using a mild soap and water solution to eliminate buildup and residue.

Inspect Connections: Ensure the joints and connections between tiles remain secure and flush to maintain structural integrity. Address any loose or uneven connections promptly.


How does Potent Hockey synthetic ice tile handle temperature fluctuations and different weather conditions?

Potent Hockey Synthetic Ice Tiles are designed to handle a wide range of temperature fluctuations and weather conditions, thanks to our high-quality composition, including high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) infused with a slip agent and UV protection.

They can operate within a broad temperature range, typically from as low as -40°F (-40°C) to as high as 104°F (40°C), ensuring durability and performance in diverse environments.

While our tiles are engineered to withstand these fluctuations, it's important to note that prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold is not recommended.

In such conditions, temporary alterations in surface properties may occur, such as softening in extreme heat or surface alterations in extreme cold. These changes can affect glide quality, skate blade performance, and puck movement.

For the best performance and longevity, we recommend using Potent Hockey Synthetic Ice Tiles within a more moderate temperature range, typically between 32°F (0°C) and 90°F (32°C).

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure optimal performance, regardless of the weather conditions.



Can I use Potent Hockey Synthetic tiles outdoors?

Absolutely! Potent Hockey Synthetic Tiles are designed for versatility. The robust construction and UV protection make them suitable for outdoor use. However, please be mindful of extreme weather conditions, including continuous exposure to extreme heat or cold, as they may impact the tiles' long-term performance. Seasonal considerations and shelter options can help prolong their lifespan in outdoor settings.


Can I set up Potent Hockey synthetic tiles outdoors permanently?

Considerations: Potent Hockey Synthetic Tiles are designed for versatility. While they can endure various weather conditions, you have the flexibility to set them up outdoors with the intention of permanence. They can be easily disassembled and relocated indoors as needed.

Recommendation: For optimal performance and longevity, consider providing shade or shelter during extreme weather and perform regular cleaning and monitoring to preserve their quality and performance.

While Potent Hockey Synthetic Tiles are built to endure various weather conditions, permanent outdoor use should be approached cautiously in regions with extreme heat or cold. Continuous exposure to such conditions can affect any material over time, including our synthetic ice tiles. It is advisable to consider seasonal disassembly from outdoor use and provide shelter or shade during extreme weather to preserve the product’s quality, extend the tiles' longevity, and maintain optimal performance.


Here are further considerations and tips to help mitigate the potential issues:

Heat Impact: Extensive exposure to extreme heat can cause the synthetic ice surface to soften and become less resistant, which can result in more aggressive blade dulling and less efficient puck movement.

Shade or Shelter: If the area where the synthetic ice is set up allows for it, consider providing shade or shelter during the hardest weather spells. This can help mitigate the effects of continuous exposure to extreme heat or cold.

Seasonal Outdoor Use: Depending on the climate, consider using the synthetic ice outdoors primarily during moderate seasons and avoiding exposure to extreme heat and cold without protection for a long period of time. This can ensure the most optimal performance and extend the lifespan of the tiles.

Maintenance: Regular cleaning of the surface is crucial to keep the tiles in the best possible condition.

Monitoring: Keep a close eye on the condition of the tiles. If you notice a significant decline in glide quality or other issues due to extreme heat or cold exposure, it may be necessary to disassemble from outdoors during the hottest and coldest months.

Ultimately, while our synthetic ice can withstand a range of weather conditions, continuous extreme heat or cold exposure can pose challenges. It's essential to carefully assess the local climate and conditions and make informed decisions about whether to use the tiles outdoors permanently or seasonally based on the specific circumstances.



How does Potent Hockey synthetic ice tile compare to real ice in terms of skating experience?

Our synthetic ice tiles deliver a skating experience that closely emulates real ice, yet with subtle distinctions. The surface boasts a touch more friction than authentic ice. Skaters may detect a nuanced underfoot sensation, necessitating a bit more effort for propulsion. These slight variations contribute to a unique training experience that prepares skaters for both artificial and natural rink conditions.


How do I install and maintain Potent Hockey synthetic ice tiles?

Installation: Installing your synthetic ice rink is a breeze – simply connect the interlocking tiles on a flat, level surface, and you're ready to glide.

Maintenance: Keeping your surface pristine is key. Regularly clean the tiles to ensure they remain free from debris and dust, extending their lifespan and maximizing your enjoyment. To clean your tiles, we recommend vacuuming them once every 1-2 weeks for regular use.


Is Potent Hockey synthetic ice tile suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Absolutely! Our synthetic ice is designed to excel in both indoor and outdoor settings. Crafted to endure temperature changes and diverse weather conditions, our tiles are adaptable, making them the perfect choice for various environments.


Can I use my regular ice skates on Potent Hockey synthetic ice tiles, or do I need special skates?

Your regular ice skates are a perfect match for our synthetic ice tiles. However, please be mindful that skate blades might experience faster dulling on synthetic ice in comparison to real ice. This may entail more frequent sharpening to ensure you're gliding at your best.


How does synthetic ice tile affect the sharpness and wear of skate blades?

In general, skating on synthetic ice can accelerate the wear of skate blades, leading to a need for more frequent sharpening compared to real ice. Notably, our synthetic ice tiles are designed with low friction properties, contributing to reduced blade wear and an enhanced skating experience overall.


Can I perform all hockey drills and maneuvers on Potent Hockey synthetic ice tiles?

Our skate-able synthetic ice tiles enable you to master a wide range of hockey drills and maneuvers. While you might notice subtle variations in resistance compared to real ice, our advanced synthetic ice tiles replicate the skating sensation with precision. From seamless starts and stops to confident edging and turns, our product creates a top-tier surface for all your training needs.


Is synthetic ice environmentally friendly and recyclable?

Yes, our synthetic ice products are environmentally friendly and recyclable. We synthetic ice manufacturers use materials that can be repurposed or recycled at the end of their lifespan, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.