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Potent Myspeedz Radar Gun 2.0 w. App Support

Amazing Radar

Love this product, I have had so much growth is my shot power, this helps you beat and challenge previous scores and helps you shoot harder to improve your shot, highly highly recommend this radar gun

A Game-Changer for Shot Speed and Strength!

One word to describe the impact of the SPEED RADAR GUN 2.0 on my training: transformational. With this device, I can now accurately measure the speed and strength of my shots, which is crucial for gauging my progress with my Coach. It has been instrumental in helping me fine-tune my technique and focus on areas that need improvement. As a result, I've witnessed a significant boost in my shot's power and velocity.

Pro Passer
Mario Gonzalez
Pro Passer

My 9yr old loves the Pro Passer. We are very pleased with the Passer and wouldn’t hesitate to order from Potent Hockey again!

Great product

My nephew loves it. More difficult then expected, but a very good challenge.

The service is very good. After using it, the child's ball speed has improved.

Received a new one today, thank you so much, the child can start practicing again, your service is really good, the child's ice hockey has improved a lot with the help of the machine, thank you.

Potent Digital Shooter Tutor
Harinderpal Singh
Nice product

Nice product

Super Defender
Shawn Coombs
Great Product!

Great tool for learning/practicing stick handling.

Got this and 2 boxes of ice for my 5 year old son for his birthday. It's tougher than it looks but just have fun. That's all that matters. I highly recommend it.

I really love the trainer, it helps so much with stick handling skills and it's super fun! Very durable construction and it is rechargeable, so no batteries needed. Comes with a sensor puck and ball as well. Also, the batter lasts up to 7 hours!!! Another amazing product from potent hockey! I highly recommend getting this if you're looking to work on your stick handling skills!

My grandson really liked this product. It is easily portable and can be used indoors or outdoors. He picked up the concept of how to use it easily. We do wish the posts were slightly smaller. With a learning hockey player he hit the posts a lot but I guess that's part of learning to control the puck or in this case a practice ball. The ball is a great idea and as long as there are borders you don't have to chase it down. My grandson liked it and has practiced almost every day with it so I would recommend it to others.

Absolutely love the product! When it first arrived, it was packaged very well and the boxes were in good condition. I opened it, got out all the tiles, and before I knew it it was all put together! All you have to do is simply pick a flat place, lay the tiles out, and click them together. Once you put them together, you're ready to go. Now you can get on the ice like surface, and practice anytime, anywhere. The tiles have been super durable so far, and I see very minimal wear and tear. I highly recommend these tiles, as well as other products from this company!

Pro Passer

I absolutely love this passer! I can practice my one-timers with or without a shooting pad!Best passer I've ever used! 100% recommend this to anyone who loves training!

Bought for my grandson. It was a bit of a challenge for him. Just what he needed. Really like the product

These look amazing!!! Hopefully we can try them out soon.

Pro Passer
Paul D.

Easily the best passer I've ever used does not move at all after clamping on gives back great clean passes!

Amazing product, as advertised and promoted. Shipping was ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend. We will be placing a second order soon for additional square footage.

The grandkids loved it and haven’t stopped playing with it. They are 3 and 5. The 5 year old goes back and forth between the puck and the ball and sets up all different patterns.

This game actually really did help my son with puck control in crowds. I could see improvement in just 10 days using this game. I think it will get him to keep his head up much more quickly than just someone yelling ??keep your head up??

Wow - a company that cares! I am so impressed with your service! I called on Saturday about placing an order in hopes of getting it by Christmas. The lady who took my call was very helpful regarding the delivery process for items coming to Ontario. She let me know all efforts would be made and it I??m hopeful that Santa will be able to add it to his sack on the 24th??. I will definitely tell my friends about the above and beyond service level.

I look forward to getting the delivery and with five grandchildren, will look at Pitent first for future gifts.

Super Defender

It is exactly what we expected

Perfect ! Very fast delivery! My son loves it

This device is not bad. If you are open to an idea, i think a puck that has the some sensors on it would work great on puck pads. The ball for a new hockey player is a little much. My Son likes it ok, we have had to move it to carpet for it to move a little slower until his stick handling improves and is fast enough to handle it on the puck pad.

Have had this ice treadmill for over a month and the kids love it. It is good for improving skating skill.Highly recommended!

Need to test these out and see how they compare with my current tiles.