5 Awesome Gift Ideas for Hockey Players

If you are looking for some awesome gift ideas for the hockey player in your life, then we can help!

Designed for all ages and skill levels, Potent Hockey Products are trusted by more than 100 NHL Players, thousands of young hockey players, and coaches all around the world. Our hockey training products can help you improve Stickhandling, Puck Control, Passing, Shooting, Balance, Conditioning and more!

Check out some of our most popular hockey training products below:

1. Digital Stickhandling Trainer 1.0

This stickhandling trainer includes a built-in scoreboard and a countdown timer that challenges players to progress and improve their stickhandling abilities while having fun. The lights are programmed in a random pattern, so that you always have to work hard to beat your score and improve your stickhandling abilities. Three fun game modes so that you can battle with a friend, teammate, or even a virtual opponent.

So, if you seriously want to improve your stickhandling abilities then look no further. The Potent Hockey Digital Stickhandling Trainer gives you instant feedback, an on-going challenge, and can help you keep your skills sharp in the offseason. Plus, for added motivation, you can join our Monthly Air Battle – the player with the highest posted score within the 45 second timer can win up to a $480 Gift Card. Learn more here.  

2. “MySpeedz” Radar Gun with App 2.0

The Potent Hockey Speed Radar Gun helps players measure their shots' speed- instantly and accurately. Practice taking shots and see your progress instantly. Work on your technique so that you can perfect your slap shot and maximize your shot velocity.

The results will be immediate, and you'll know if your shot speed has decreased or stayed the same from shot to shot. You'll also be able to compare it with your friends and teammates, making for a fun challenge!

The best part is that our sports radar gun works for almost any sport including hockey, baseball, softball, tennis, etc. Simply set-up and start taking shots! It also integrates with our “MySpeedz” app (IOS only) so that you can easily record your progress and challenge a friend or teammate.

3. Skate-able Synthetic Ice Tiles

Create the ultimate off-ice training surface with Potent Hockey’s SKATE-ABLE Synthetic Ice Tiles. One of the best innovations in the hockey training market, our 18”x18” Tiles are made of a high-quality, patented material that allow you to experience a synthetic ice-like surface anywhere, anytime. You can easily assemble a skateable ice-like surface in a matter of minutes. An excellent addition to your backyard, garage, basement, or any open space that you want to practice your hockey skills in. The ultimate hockey training aid!

Pair this with our other digital training products (e.g. stickhandling trainer, super defender, etc.) for a complete off-ice hockey training experience.

4. Super Defender

The Potent Hockey Super Defender is a great way to practice beating the defender, whether training as a youth or working to be a pro.

The Super Defender is the perfect size and shape to mimic a defender's skates and the hockey stick's blade so that you can practice getting around the defender or stickhandle the puck through. This is great for hand-eye coordination and gap control. When not in use, fold it flat for easy storage.

5. Pro Paza – Puck Shooting Machine

Practicing with a Potent Hockey Pro Paza Machine is the Ultimate Hockey Shot Training. You can work on receiving the puck, improving your reaction times, and ultimately improving your shot. Whether that’s a one-timer or wrist shot, you can practice taking shots from different angles and speeds, simulating game-like scenarios.

Simply put 20 pucks into the machine, turn it on, and set the interval to your preference. Take shots from different angles and observe your passing and shooting accuracy right away.

The Potent Hockey Pro Paza is perfect for any playing level, including young players, professional players, and coaches. It will allow you to practice your skills, teach others how to play, or even coach a whole team!



Fun and Challenging - these are some of the best gift ideas for the hockey player in your life!

So, if you want to help them take their hockey training to the next level try a Potent Hockey product today!


About Potent Hockey:

Potent Hockey is one of the leading brands in the hockey training industry. We are committed to the R&D of cutting edge digital hockey training technologies that empower our athletes to train more effectively using a digitalized, responsive system.

Potent Hockey is a top manufacturer of hockey training tools worldwide, working with some of the largest brands in hockey like Hockey Shot, Better Hockey, Winnwell, and more. We have 30+ patents for game-like training technologies over the last 12 years.

We are devoted to helping build the future of hockey training systems.