Taking Your Shot to the Next Level

Accuracy, power, and speed are the three key elements of shooting in hockey. Accuracy is essential to hit the target and score goals, power helps to beat goalies and defenders, and speed helps to catch opponents off guard. The best shooters in hockey can combine these elements to create lethal shots that are difficult for goalies to stop.

Shooting Drills for Accuracy:

The best players can hit the corners of the net with precision, making it challenging for goalies to stop the shot. Therefore, practicing accuracy should be essential to every player's training routine.

  1. Forehand to backhand shooting: This drill involves transitioning quickly from a forehand to a backhand shot, forcing players to improve their puck-handling skills and shot accuracy. To perform this drill at home, Stand in front of the shooting pad or smooth surface with the puck on your forehand. Take the puck to your backhand and quickly switch back to your forehand, shooting the puck at the target.
  2. Drag and shoot drill: This drill involves quickly dragging the puck across the body from one side to the other before shooting the puck toward the net. Stand before the shooting target with the puck on your stick to perform the drag-and-shoot drill. Move the puck from one side to the other, dragging it across the front of your body, and then quickly shoot the puck toward the target. Practice this drill from different angles and positions to improve your ability to score from various areas on the ice.
  3. The backhand toe drags into the shot: This drill is an advanced but effective way to improve your backhand shot, puck control, and agility on the ice. Pull the puck across your body with a toe drag move, transition to your backhand, and shoot for the corners of the net.

One important thing to remember when practicing shooting drills for accuracy is to always focus on technique. Players should use proper form and focus on hitting the target precisely rather than just trying to shoot the puck as hard as possible. Additionally, players should always be mindful of their body positioning and stick placement while shooting to ensure the best possible shot.

Shooting Drills for Power:

Power is an essential aspect of shooting in ice hockey. It can help players score from long distances and beat goalies with hard shots. However, developing power in shooting requires more than just brute force. Proper technique and muscle strength are equally important, which is why the following drills can be highly effective in improving your shot power.

  1. Heavy Puck Shooting: Use a heavier puck and shoot it toward the net, focusing on using your body weight and wrist snap to generate power. The added weight of the puck will require you to use more strength and force, thereby helping you build the necessary muscle power for a strong shot. Focus on using body weight and wrist snap to generate power.
  2. One-Legged Shooting: Stand on one leg and shoot the puck toward the net, focusing on using your leg muscles to generate power. This drill will challenge your balance and require you to use your leg muscles more effectively, which can lead to more powerful shots.
  3. Plyometric Shooting: This unique drill can help you develop explosive power in your shots. To perform this drill, jump before shooting the puck toward the net, focusing on generating power from your legs and upper body.

Shooting Drills for Speed:

Speed is an essential aspect of shooting in ice hockey, as it can help players get their shots off quickly and surprise the goalie. Developing speed in shooting requires a combination of quick reflexes, proper technique, and muscle strength.

  1. Rapid Fire Shooting: This drill is designed to help players shoot the puck quickly and accurately. To perform this drill, use a shooting pad or synthetic ice surface to simulate the feeling of shooting on ice. Take multiple shots quickly, focusing on using proper technique, generating power and accuracy with your shots, and shooting quickly.
  2. Rebound Shooting: Practice shooting the puck immediately after receiving a rebound. Focus on positioning yourself correctly to receive the rebound, using proper technique, and shooting quickly and accurately. Practice with a partner or use a rebounder to simulate game-like situations and improve your reaction time.
  3. Shot Fake and Release: Practice faking a shot before releasing the puck quickly. Focus on using proper technique, making the fake shot convincing, and shooting quickly and accurately. Incorporate dekes and moves to make the drill more game-like and improve your ability to catch the goalie off guard.

How Potent Hockey's Digital Shooting Tutor Can Help You Score More Goals

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Incorporating these drills and exercises into your training routine can help you develop the necessary skills to shoot accurately and with speed. Remember to focus on proper technique, generate power and accuracy with your shots, and practice consistently to see significant improvements. With dedication and hard work, you can take your shot to the next level and become a top ice hockey player.