Potent Razor Dangler 2.0
Potent Razor Dangler 2.0
Potent Razor Dangler 2.0
Potent Razor Dangler 2.0
Potent Razor Dangler 2.0
Potent Razor Dangler 2.0
Potent Razor Dangler 2.0
Potent Razor Dangler 2.0
Potent Razor Dangler 2.0

Potent Razor Dangler 2.0

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Potent Razor Dangler 2.0: Robotic Revolution in Hockey Training


Potent Hockey is Redefining Stickhandling Training: The Razor Dangler 2.0 is a groundbreaking fusion of ROBOTICS, PERSONALIZED LEARNING, and STICK HANDLING COORDINATION. Harnessing the power of our advanced HockeyRobot technology, the Razor Dangler 2.0 personalizes your training with three robotic arms that shift into diverse drills tailored to your skill level. This helps you progress step-by-step while pushing your hockey capabilities to new heights.


Our robotic stickhandling trainer is meticulously designed for hockey players who aspire to excel, offering an unmatched training experience that utilizes advanced technology to accurately assess a player's skill level and tailor training drills to their specific needs. The three robotic arms dynamically move and light up targets to challenge your mind and stickhandling abilities. You will have to think fast in order to improve your speed, reaction time, and stickhandling skills.  


The Razor Dangler 2.0 stands out as a market leader in hockey training tools. It's designed to cater to players at every stage - Novice to Pro - from those just learning to stickhandle to advanced players refining their skills. Engage in a fun, yet rigorous way to elevate your fundamental hockey abilities.


NHL Player: Andrei Svechnikov - #37 Carolina Hurricanes


Key Features:

☑️ Advanced Robotic Arms Technology: Featuring three robotic arms that light up and move unpredictably, the Razor Dangler 2.0 presents challenges to enhance player development. This unique feature is crucial for developing quick thinking and adaptability, essential skills for any hockey player.

☑️ Adaptive Drill Design: The Razor Dangler 2.0's smart design allows it to form various shapes, from simple lines to complex patterns, enhancing training flexibility and providing diverse challenges for honing stickhandling skills. Players receive immediate feedback, facilitating rapid skill improvement.

☑️ Personalized Training Modes: Tailored practice sessions with multiple modes (beginner or advanced) and solo or team challenges allow you to transform monotonous drills into an exciting and competitive practice session. The unpredictability of the Razor Dangler keeps you engaged, ensuring that each session is as enjoyable as it is beneficial.

☑️ Suitable from Novice to Pro: Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned player, the Razor Dangler 2.0 is your perfect training partner. It assesses your level and tailors the movements to match your skill level, providing a challenging yet achievable learning curve.

☑️ Portable and User-Friendly: Easily set up the Razor Dangler 2.0 on any smooth surface, including ice, synthetic ice, or wooden floors. Its portability allows you to train anywhere, anytime, making it perfect for both on- and off-ice training.


Key Benefits:

☑️ HockeyRobot Technology:

Leverages advanced tech for skill evaluation and personalized training, enhancing player development step-by-step. HockeyRobot Technology stands as a comprehensive and innovative solution for players seeking personalized skill enhancement, real-time performance analysis, and an interactive training experience.

☑️ Improve Hand-eye Coordination:

The unpredictable movement of the arms allows you to practice new moves that are impossible to practice in static situations. You will have to think fast while making your next move and adapt to the dynamic movements as fast as possible. You can train to improve your puck control and stickhandling ability while receiving real-time feedback.

☑️ Improve Speed & Confidence:

Practicing with a Razor Dangler will increase your speed and ability to react with the puck. As you begin to improve your stickhandling ability you will gain the confidence needed to try new moves on the ice. Before you know it, you will learn how to dangle like the pros!

☑️ Improve All-around Hockey Ability:

The Razor Dangler 2.0 is useful for improving all-around hockey ability. It can simultaneously help you improve your stickhandling skills and develop the extra mental agility to make easier, quicker, and more accurate dangles with the puck. You will see improvements in hand-eye coordination, speed, stickhandling, and decision-making after practicing with Razor Dangler 2.0



  • Three targets are randomly lit and scored.
  • Time Set-up: 45 seconds
  • Hits: When the sensor puck/ball passes through the LED target, it is scored.
  • *Scoring Zone: the effective scoring range is limited to the width of the light strip (target), which is approximately 10 cm.


  • Power ON/OFF switch
  • It takes 2 hours to complete a full charge
  • Provides 1 hour of continuous working time

Tailored Training Modes:

Initial 6-Second Assessment:

Utilizing our pioneering HockeyRobot Technology to assess your skill level, the first 6 seconds are crucial. Your performance in this period determines the training mode, with an objective to score as many points as possible.

Mode 1 - Beginner Mode:

Activated for scores less than 3 points. This mode presents simpler challenges with straight lines or L-shape transformations. The patterns change every 6 seconds, with a 3-second gap for light changes, perfect for beginners to develop their skills at a comfortable pace.

This mode focuses on strengthening essential puck control skills, including basic stickhandling, puck reception, body positioning, toe drag, and the initiation of close-quarters control.

Mode 2 - Advanced Mode:

Triggered by scores exceeding 3 points. In this mode, experience comprehensive shape alterations every 3 seconds, accompanied by rapid light changes at intervals of 2-3 seconds. It's designed for advanced players looking to push their limits and refine their reaction time and precision.

This mode builds upon the essential skills of beginner - intensifying drills for dynamic stickhandling, creative puck control, and unconventional moves.

Score Calculation:

Beginner Mode (Mode 1): Each successful pass through the light sensor strip contributes 1 score.

Advanced Mode (Mode 2): Each successful pass through the light sensor strip contributes 2 scores, reflecting the increased difficulty level.

Technical Specifications:

  • Razor Dimensions: L: 17.1 x H: 3.4 inches (43.5 x 8.5 cm) (x3 Arms)
  • Package Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.9 x 17.5 (13 x 10 x 44.5 cm)
  • Weight: 3.75 lbs. (1.7 kg)
  • Power Input: AC 100-240-50-60Hz 0.2A Max
  • Output: 5V 1000mA

*Please note, the Razor Dangler can only be used on smooth surfaces, including ice, synthetic ice, or wooden floors. Not on grass, concrete, or carpet.

What's in the Box:

  • Potent Razor Unit (x1)
  • Sensor Puck (x1) and Ball (x1)
  • USB Charging Cable (x1)
  • User Instructions (x1)

Why Choose the Razor Dangler 2.0?

With its HockeyRobot technology and skill evaluation, the Potent Razor Dangler 2.0 offers a smart, effective way to train, making it a must-have tool for hockey players of all levels seeking to enhance their game. Dynamic Drills provide unpredictability and a personalized experience, making it an indispensable tool for players aiming to improve their puck control, reaction time, and overall hockey sense.

Order Your Potent Hockey Razor Dangler 2.0 Today!

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your hockey training with the most innovative tool in the market. Order Now and step into the future of hockey skill development.


NHL Player: Andrei Svechnikov - #37 Carolina Hurricanes

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Good product

Seems to be the same light sequence each time so if you memorize it you can get faster. Would be nicer if it was a random pattern sequence and rotations/movement. The blue beams are somewhat cheap with loosely attached wire cover rails on the underside. Not really a big deal but you will have to be gentle with the product - dont toss it around like other non motorized versions of this product.

Thank you for your valuable feedback on our Razor dangler. We have taken note of this suggestion and will explore the possibility of incorporating different sequence patterns in our future iterations of the product.We would like to assure you that we are committed to providing products that are not just functional but also meet the highest standards of quality and durability.Thanks a lot!

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