Potent Puck Stopper Edging (2-pack)
Potent Puck Stopper Edging (2-pack)
Potent Puck Stopper Edging (2-pack)
Potent Puck Stopper Edging (2-pack)
Potent Puck Stopper Edging (2-pack)
Potent Puck Stopper Edging (2-pack)

Potent Puck Stopper Edging (2-pack)

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Synthetic Ice Edging - Puck Stopper

Synthetic Ice Edging & Puck Stopper

Upgrade your synthetic ice rink with the Potent Hockey Synthetic Ice Edging & Puck Stopper, meticulously designed to enhance our Potent Hockey Synthetic Ice Tiles. This essential add-on guarantees smooth, uninterrupted puck practice, whether it be stickhandling, passing, or shooting drills you will have more productive sessions rather than wasting time retrieving pucks.

.Crafted from premium materials, the robust synthetic ice edging provides durable support and effectively keeps pucks within the rink, facilitating focused and efficient training sessions. With its easy assembly and high portability, you can effortlessly set up or expand your synthetic ice rink, creating the perfect practice environment in any location.

.Each set includes 2 pcs of Edging & 2 pcs of Rebounder Foam

Synthetic Ice Edging

Edgings (x2); Rebounding Foams (x2)

Synthetic Ice Tiles Edging & Puck Stopper

Enhance your training experience with the Synthetic Ice Edging Puck Stopper.

· Seamless Integration: Designed to perfectly complement Potent Hockey Synthetic Ice Tiles. Allows you to create a complete off-ice training surface, ideal for stickhandling, passing, and shooting drills.

· Effective Puck Containment: Featuring raised bumper edges, this edging system ensures pucks remain within the rink, promoting continuous play and reducing the frequency of puck retrievals from outside the playing area.

· Durable Synthetic Ice Edging:High-quality materials provide robust edging for synthetic ice tiles, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring longevity and durability.

· Easy Assembly & Portability: Simple to set up and transport, allowing you to create or expand your synthetic ice rink effortlessly in any location.

· Optimized for All Skill Levels: Suitable for hockey players of all ages and skill levels, providing a reliable and consistent training boundary for effective practice sessions.

Synthetic Ice Edging

Customer Reviews

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Ted Pryce-Jones
Puck Edging

The tiles and edging is for a Christmas present so they haven’t been opened yet.

xin lan

Potent Puck Stopper Edging (2-pack)

Double B
Depends on what your using them for

If you simply want it to prevent pucks from going off the end of the tile--it's perfect. Highly recommend.

Also, its much cheaper than the same piece bought for other tiles since they include the foam with the end piece for the one price.

Buuuut, I bought these hoping to use them as a passing aid. I have the passer but frankly it doesn't work great--it doesn't usually send pucks straight back, so I thought these might work since the Pure Hockey guys recommend them for other brands of tile (and I tried it in the store and it worked pretty well returning pucks from a passer). Anyway, the problem is if you pass into this foam it does come straight back--but after a couple of passes the puzzle piece starts to lift up and disconnect from the other tiles. So its not really a solution

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