Product FAQ's - Speed Radar Gun 2.0

Potent Hockey Myspeedz Radar Gun 2.0 - Frequently Asked Questions


1.Why is my MySpeedz Radar Gun 2.0 not displaying my speeds

Please follow the steps below to check:

  • Is the unit turned ON? (Indicated by the flashing indicator lamp on unit)
  • ls the unit fully charged?
  • Is the unit correctly aimed?
  • ls the distance between the player and unit less than 33 feet (10 meters)?
  • Are there any external interference sources nearby?
  • ls the unit blocked and/or covered? For example, if the unit is positioned behind a hockey or soccer net, a person playing goalie may block the signal.


2.What’s the min/max speed that the unit will be able to measure?

20 KPH to 199 KPH (~13 MPH - 124 MPH)


3.What’s the distance range for use?

Less than 33 ft (10 meters)


4.What sports is this speed radar for ?

It is mainly for Hockey. 

It could work for other sports with limitations (e.g baseball, soccer, tennis, golf),  requiring precise position and proper adjustment.


5.How to make the measured speed more accurate?

When using the speed radar in ice hockey, place the radar behind the net, face to where the puck comes from. Use a tripod to adjust the angles to make the readings more accurate.


6.How to connect the APP?

A. Search “Myspeedz” in the APP store/Google store and download it. After the download is completed, open ‘Myspeedz’ app

  • For IOS mobile device 1st time App launch, you will be prompted to allow app access bluetooth: Click “OK” when prompted to allow Bluetooth access
  • For Android mobile device 1st time app launch, you may see two prompts: --- “App location access” prompt: Select “precise” and “while using app” to allow the app to access mobile device’s location
  • “App Bluetooth access” prompt: Click “allow”(or “OK”) to allow Bluetooth access
B. Turn on your Speed Radar Gun device: Press the “On/Off” button to power on (red light should be on), select either MPH (Miles per Hour) or KPH (Kilometers Per Hour) as desired.


C. Return to the mobile “MySpeedz” app. Click the “Device” button located in the top right-hand corner of the app screen.

  • A prompt list will be displayed, showing all devices with Bluetooth access enabled, including the Speed Radar Gun device you just turned on in “Myspeedz.”
  • Select “Myspeedz” from the list, and your Phone should successfully connect to the speed radar gun device.


D. Click the setup button on the main interface below ,create a new user name, then you can return to the main screen test.


* Mode 1-SINGLE MODE: tracking speed of 1 player and record it by both of data and graphic


* Mode 2- BATTLE MODE: tracking speeds of 2 players and record it by both of data and graphic