Ultimater Dangler Instructions & Manual

  • Synthetic Ice Pad ×6
  • Sensor-Puck ×1
  • Rebounder Bands ×2
  • Rebounder Stabilizing Bars ×2
  • Bar Post ×4
  • USB Cable ×1
  • Instruction ×1


  • Size:240cm*120cm (60cm*60cm /Pad)
  • PowerInput:AC100-240  50/60 HZ 
  • Output:5V-3A



  1. Unboxing

Carefully Remove 6 pads and accessories from the box. Gently peel off protective plastic coating from each pad.

  1. Assembling

Locate the numbers marked on each pad, ranging from 1 to 6. Connect the pads together in numerical order using the interlocking mechanism to ensure a correctly assembled and stable training area.

  1. Rebounder Installation (Optional):
  • locate the rebounder stabilizer bar, a metal plank that secures the bar posts in place.
  • Insert the rebounder bars under the side pads (Pads 1 and 6)
  • Align the rebounder bar with the two holes at the end of each side pad.
  • Insert the bar posts into the holes through the bars, then tighten them to ensure the bar is firmly secured.
  • Insert the rebounder band into the bar posts, making sure it's securely attached and ready for use. 
  1. Start the Game
  • Check and Charge the Battery:

Ensure all pads’ batteries are fully charged for uninterrupted play.

  • Power On:
    • Power On the 5 satellite Pads first. Each pad will light up, indicating readiness.
    • Power on the main pad last to establish a wireless connection with all pads. The lights being off on the satellite pads and the main pad's lights remaining illuminated signal that the Ultimater Dangler is ready for play.
  • Select Game Mode and Commence Play:
    • Glide the puck over the main pad's red light to cycle through and select your game mode. Confirm your selection and begin your session by passing the puck over the blue light. Get ready to elevate your skills with the Ultimater Dangler!




P1:  Training Mode

Get ready to hone your hockey skills with a seamless blend of warm-up and training drills, designed to enhance stickhandling and puck control within a dynamic 90-second session.

Red Lights:  Scoring target (shift every 4 seconds, or once puck pass over)

Blue Lights: Defender (Shift every 2 seconds)

- passing red lights scores 1 point, and touching blue defender takes away 1 point.

Warm-up Phase:

* Wide Side-to-Side

Move the puck across the front, navigating through two alternating red lights between the far left and the right side. Complete 3 sets. Aim for swift, precise strike to enhance lateral control, precision, and timing.

* Toe-drag to slide

Navigate a path outlined by 4 red sensor lights across the 4 front pads. Apply wide to narrow side-to-side, backhand & forehand toe-dragging techniques to glide the puck over the lights. Completing 3 sets sharpens precision, agility, and control.

* Weave figure 8s

Tackle figure-8 sequences in backhand side, front and fronthand side zones across the full 270-degree workout area, honing precision stickhandling in tight spaces. Dodge blue ‘defenders’ and weave through shifting red lights to enhance agility, puck control, and strategic evasion skills.

Successfully completing warm-up drills swiftly allows for an earlier transition to the training phase. If the warm-up extends beyond 60 seconds, the training phase will automatically commence.

Training Phase: Dynamic Range Challenge

Progress seamlessly to the dynamic training, with 1-2 red sensor lights activating across all 6 pads, covering a 270-degree workout area. This fast-paced drill sharpens your reaction speed and stickhandling, challenging you to strike moving targets. It enhances spatial awareness and adaptability, essential for excelling in real-game scenarios.

P2: Dynamic Gameplay Mode

P2 Mode takes you through a 120-second evolving drill sequence within a 270-degree workout area, designed to progressively enhance stickhandling, precision, and strategic play. This mode’s structure intensifies across three phases, expanding the workout range and increasing the complexity of targets and defenders to simulate escalating game scenarios.

Red Lights: Scoring Target (Randomly light up, and shift every 4 seconds. Passing over red light score 2 or 3 points)

Blue Lights: Defender (Randomly come up,  shift every 2 seconds. touching  defender deducts 1 points)

Phase I: Foundations Flex (45 seconds total):

Navigate 15 seconds in each of the three two-pad zones (left/forehand side, middle/front side, righ/backhand side), engaging with 1 or 2 red lights randomly up across two pads, each worth 2 points, and dodging a single blue ‘defender’ light, demanding quick reactions and agile decision-making

Phase II: Agility Amplify (30 seconds total):

Tackle two 3-pad zones, pushing your puck control with more complex maneuvers and encouraging creative play against increased defensive setups. 2 red lights illuminate(Each pass scores 2 points), while 1 or 2 blue ‘defenders’ randomly disrupt.

Phase III: Mastery Merge (45 seconds):

Master the full workout area, applying a wide array of advanced techniques to outmaneuver defenders and navigate complex scenarios, mirroring the unpredictability of real-game situations. 3 red lights (scores 3 points, with an extra 3 bonus points for completing a sequence of all 3 red lights) and 3 blue defenders randomly lighting up and shifting, mimicking the full intensity of a game scenario.


    Customization Setup

    • Maximize your training with the Ultimater Dangler’s adaptable setup. Connect two to six pads based on space or focus.
    • Note that using fewer than six pads may limit P1 mode functionality. For full drill experiences, a six-pad setup is recommended. Simply power on your selected pads and the main pad last for automatic connection and a tailored training session.



    Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Ultimater Dangler's functionalities and maintenance with these key operational guidelines:

    1. Reset Game:

    To reset a game in progress, quickly press the ON/OFF button once. This action will restart 

    the current game, providing a fresh start.

    1. Game Duration:

    Each game mode is set to last 75 seconds, offering focused and intensive training sessions

    1. Battery:

    This product does not need to replace the battery, if the lights become dark or cannot be started, please use the power adapter to charge.

    • Charging the battery takes approximately 2 hours.
    • Enjoy approximately 3 hours of continuous play on a single charge, ensuring extensive training without frequent interruptions.



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