Best Stickhandling Drills On & Off the Ice

best stickhandling drills on & off the ice

Controlling the puck with your stick is essential for passing, shooting, and avoiding defenders. However, mastering stickhandling can be challenging, and it requires a lot of practice. In this post, we'll explore the best stickhandling drills for ice hockey players, both on and off the ice. These drills can help improve your puck control, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and overall confidence on the ice.

ON-ICE Stickhandling Drills:

On-ice stickhandling drills help you master puck control while skating and maneuvering around opponents. Here are the top 3 drills:

✅ Drill #1: Figure 8

This drill is all about developing quick and precise stickhandling skills while skating. To get started, set up two cones about 10-15 feet apart from each other. Next, skate around the cones in a figure 8 pattern while controlling the puck using quick, short movements with your stick. Keep your head up and maintain good posture while performing this drill. Focus on keeping the puck close to your body and using quick stickhandling movements to maintain control. You can also challenge yourself by skating faster or reducing the distance between the cones. With practice, you'll develop the muscle memory and technique needed to handle the puck on the ice easily.

✅ Drill #2: Weaving

The weaving drill is a must-try exercise that will help you master the art of puck control while moving at high speed. This drill requires you to skate in a zigzag pattern while navigating cones or other obstacles. As you weave through the course, focus on keeping the puck close to your body and using quick stickhandling movements to maintain control. This drill is about developing quick reflexes and precise hand-eye coordination, so don't be afraid to challenge yourself by increasing your speed or reducing the distance between the cones. You can execute this drill efficiently and take your stickhandling skills to the next level with practice.

✅ Drill #3 One-Handed Stickhandling

This drill is about improving your puck control skills with just one hand on the stick, which can come in handy when trying to fend off defenders or maintain possession of the puck in a tight space. To perform this drill, start by slowly skating and placing one hand on your stick. Slide around while controlling the puck with your post using your free hand. Focus on using small, precise movements to keep the puck close to your body and maintain good posture throughout the drill. As you become more comfortable, try increasing your speed or adding in some cones to navigate around. With regular practice, you'll develop better hand-eye coordination and feel more confident handling the puck with just one hand.


OFF-ICE Stickhandling Drills

Off-ice drills are essential for improving skills, especially when time on the ice is limited. Here, we'll explore off-ice stickhandling drills that can boost your puck control, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time.

✅ Drill #1: Stickhandling Ball drill

This simple yet effective drill can be done at home with a stickhandling ball. Start by standing in front of the ball with your stick and gently tapping the ball from side to side, using quick and controlled movements to keep the ball in place. Once you've mastered this, try moving the ball in different directions, keeping it controlled with your stick. To make the drill more challenging, try moving the ball in a figure 8 pattern or incorporating obstacles to navigate around.

✅ Drill #2: Around the world

To perform this drill, start with the puck in front of you and stickhandle the puck around your body in a circular motion, alternating between your left and right hand. Keep your head up and maintain good posture while performing the drill. Repeat the drill several times, gradually increasing your speed. This drill helps improve your hand-eye coordination, stickhandling ability, and overall puck control. With regular practice, you'll be able to execute complex stickhandling maneuvers with ease.

✅ Drill #3: Obstacle Course

This drill is perfect for players of all skill levels and can be tailored to your needs and abilities. To create your obstacle course, set up a variety of obstacles such as cones, hurdles, or even household items like pillows or rolled-up towels. Then, navigate through the course while controlling the puck using quick stickhandling movements. To make it even more challenging, you can time yourself or add other skills, such as shooting or passing. This drill improves your stickhandling skills and your agility, speed, and hand-eye coordination. Plus, it's a fun and engaging way to practice your skills off the ice.


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Incorporating both on-ice and off-ice stickhandling drills into your training regimen is vital for developing the skills necessary to become a great player. Additionally, choosing the right training equipment, such as those offered by Potent Hockey, can significantly enhance your training experience and help you reach your goals faster. Remember to consistently incorporate these drills into your training routine and track your progress to stay motivated. Finally, take time for rest and recovery to avoid burnout and maximize the benefits of your training. With the right mindset, dedication, and training tools, you can improve your stickhandling skills and become a better ice hockey player.